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Robin Beardsley MD, CCFP is a Family Physician Practising in Psychotherapy with over 25 years’ experience who graduated from the University of Toronto and then completed her Family Medicine program at the University of Ottawa.

She has done extensive training in psychotherapy, from the Satir Institute of the Pacific (of which she is a member) following Virginia Satir’s Positive psychology approach to facilitate change. She has attended many trauma workshops and is presently training in an Internal Family Systems Program developed by Richard Schwartz.

She is also a teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion (developed by Dr.’s Kristen Neff and Chris Germer) which is an empirically-supported, 8 week training program to cultivate self-compassion in daily lives. She brings her presence, positive outlook, humour and compassion not only to her work, but also to her life. She is currently seeing individuals, by referral from their family doctor, for psychotherapy and is accepting referrals from therapists for supervision.

A Message from Dr. Robin Beardsley

I have decided to follow my passion for facilitating change and am transitioning into full time psychotherapy and workshop facilitator. I have learned firsthand the difficulty in moving from striving to thriving. Striving, exerting serious effort to get somewhere, or finish, or change something, can lead to results but can also have great impacts on our lives. Sometimes it can feel like just punching a time card, or surviving from day to day without experiencing any joy.

On my own journey, I have experienced how we can get in the way of our dreams and the relationships we would like to have. We are spiritual beings, however, in this world we were born to survive. We tend to attach ourselves to our stories, our memories, our failures, our fears and rarely live for the moment. It can be so uncomfortable to move from what we know as familiar, to something new or unfamiliar, even if what the familiar is causing great pain and suffering. Our pain generally happens in relation to another and so must be healed in relation to another. I bring you my presence, and my experience. Together we can create a safe environment in which to navigate the changes that you want: to move from striving to thriving in your life. Together we can create ease, peace, balance and well-being.


Family doctors may refer patients directly to my office via fax or email. Referrals must include a description of the current problem as well as a brief summary of the past history, any known trauma history or family history and a list of current medications (if any).

Prospective patients will be contacted by phone and then sent a Confidential Intake Questionnaire to be completed and returned prior to the first appointment.


Burnout, characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced job satisfaction was seen in 47% of specialists and GP’s (Shanafelt et al 2012). If a part of you is concerned about your well-being, know that you are not alone. Reach out here for more information. Supervision can assist in burnout prevention and help bring about a more connected presence in relationships with ourselves and others in our professional and personal lives. For more information on supervision and what that might look like for you click here.