My Approach To Therapy

Robin Beardsley MD CCFP

We are whole, mind body and spirit. But in our lives, we all seem to separate from what our body’s experience tells us and what our thinking mind accepts as the truth.

We are born as spiritual beings dependent on others for survival. Our own experiences of ourselves is mirrored by those that are caregiving us. Since our whole survival is hooked up with connection to another we often lose our own way – what we intuitively know is true for us.

We unknowingly cut ourselves off and create negative core beliefs about ourselves. Then we have reactions to the beliefs we now perceive as being the truth. We have reactions to these perceptions and expectations, often based on what others think and feel.

Part of growing up is separating ourselves and becoming independent, however, we never lose our need for connection. So we learn to disconnect from ourselves in order to connect with another or we avoid others in order to not feel the pain of disconnection. We might project or blame another for not being able to connect or we might distort our world or our feelings in order to feel safe. Usually these copings happen under stress and become our pattern for survival. They keep us not only from connecting with our pain or body experiences but also from connecting with our true essence, spirit or life energy.

My approach comes from family therapist, Virginia Satir. She believed that we are all connected to a Universal Life Energy. She also believed that we all have the resources within us to heal and transform that which we no longer need. She felt that the problem is not the problem, but that how we cope with it, is what gives us our suffering. Suffering can be seen as the experience we have when we cannot accept where we are, and believe we should be somewhere else.

I have adapted into my Satir training, the use of Energy Psychology, Internal Family Systems, Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness. I invite you at this moment to notice how you are responding to this information. How is your body responding? Notice your breath, the sensations of breathing in and breathing out. Take a few long breaths. Coming into this moment – what do you really need?

I will bring you my presence and allow you to be seen and heard, in order to bring about change in your life. Part of you might be excited by this, part of you might be tentative or scared of change, and part of you might be curious. All parts are welcome.