My approach to therapy is very experiential and growth focused. As such, clients will need to be willing to work actively on their issues. My focus of practice is geared toward care of the caregiver, whether that be in pregnancy/parenting or in care of others as an active caregiver and health care providers. I am unable to see clients with active substance abuse issues, schizophrenia or psychotic illnesses. I have a GP focused practice designation in psychotherapy; as such doctors in capitation payment plans will not have an impact on their access bonus if they refer to me.

Family doctors may refer patients directly via fax or email. Referrals must include a description of the current problem as well as a brief summary of the past history, any known trauma history or family history and a list of current medications (if any).

Prospective patients will be contacted by phone or email (please add in email address of client if available) and then sent a Confidential Intake Questionnaire to be completed and returned prior to the first appointment.

My hope is to work in partnership with family doctors regarding medications, progress reports and that the family doctor will still be responsible for all prescribing and changes to medical care. If your patient is on disability then I will forward a letter to the family doctor to use when completing their forms for insurance. At the conclusion of therapy, a discharge letter will be sent to the family doctor, highlighting the course of therapy and issues that patients may wish to continue working on in moving forward.

For further information, please contact Dr. Robin Beardsley MD, CCFP by email or fax 613-595-1600.

Dr. Beardsley’s patient list is currently full. She is not accepting new patients at this time.


Contact Dr. Robin Beardsley

 If you wish to refer your patient to Dr. Beardsley you can do so below with the Secure Online Form or fax the Printable Confidential Referral Questionnaire.

Confidential Referral Questionnaire

Instructions: Complete the following secure online form to send your Request for Support to Dr. Robin Beardsley.

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Dr. Beardsley will not offer services for:

  • CAS, Court or Forensic Assessments
  • Treatment of Primary Drug/Alcohol addictions
  • Psychosis/Schizophrenia/Behavioural Problems

Option 2: Fax this Printable Confidential Referral Questionnaire to send your Patient Referral to Dr. Robin Beardsley.

Confidential Referral Questionnaire

  • Patient Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Referring Physician

  • Current MedicationDoseFrequencyDate Started 
  • Past MedicationDoseFrequencyDates of Use 
  • Attach files of previous consultations where available below.
  • Max. file size: 60 MB.
    Attach previous consultations where available
    It is the responsibility of the referring physician to complete the insurance forms. Dr. Beardsley will provide a summary of work upon request.
  • Family History of Psychiatric Illness

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY