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At some point in our life we were given the message that we should not ask for help. It became too hard to admit that we needed help. So we plugged along, ignoring the emotional and physical exhaustion, drawing from our strength that we survived medical school(or other training) and could survive anything. However, eventually all of us experience some degree of caregiver fatigue. Figley, C.R. (1995) coined the phrase “The Cost of Caring” a “disorder that affects those who do their work well.” It is not because we failed but because we cared so much and did our job well. This feeling of burnout or overwhelm can ebb and flow, depending on what else is going on in our personal lives with our families and friends. Not only were we not taught how to cope with, we were never told about this possible cost of caring. We didn’t know about this syndrome known as burnout/empathy fatigue or vicarious trauma, or that we might feel depressed, anxious or just overwhelmed in our current situations.

Virginia Satir, a family therapist whose practices guide my own, believed that the ”problem is not the problem”. It is the way we cope with the problem that is the problem. We will focus on another way of coping, one which includes acceptance, hope and compassion.

My hope is you will take this same strength and courage that you and I know you have, and reach out for support. This reaching out is a first step in bringing about change and is a courageous, self-caring, act in itself. We know that sometimes it takes an element outside of ourselves to bring about change – I offer you this opportunity. Together, in a safe and confidential environment, we can explore how this has impacted you. You can move from surviving to thriving; regaining your passion and joy.

I look forward to discussing with you the ways in which we can make this happen.


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